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Thank you sooooooo much Apryl Baker for the amazing opportunity to be a part of your annual Romance Blogfest!

First I guess I should introduce myself:

I am Hally Willmott - Author of The Elemental Series
I was sitting back and looking at all of the posts in regards to Romance - I can tell you that none of the books I have written have any kind of skin or sexual act being preformed on the front cover... in saying that I may have turned off a few people who would normally read this blog.  For that I apologize.  For not being a 50 shades of you know what - I am pretty proud of it.
In my day job - I am a Police Officer that goes into the Secondary schools in my area - I was very torn when it came to talking about sex and sex acts - do they constitute Romance???

When I first began writing I was all about the make believe worlds of Faries, Elves and Dwarfs.  
Once my first novel was published ....     Awakenings

I learned that in the world of writing there are always the go to safe zones - Meaning - if you want people to by your books Romance is the way to go...

Initially I was a little put off - thinking - Hey - I loved Twilight, Divergent and Hunger games - and NONE of those books were "Romance"...
What I missed was the element of Romance - 
There is a little bit of tingly feelings and such in book one - but there is no real thrown down Romance happening.

I was comfortable with this - basically because the book didn't call for any "Scenes" that I wouldn't want my nieces, mother in law or mom reading!

Don't get me wrong - I understand the need for Romance in novels - I LOVE the idea of star-crossed lovers finally getting the opportunity to be together!  I will always root for the underdog:)

Where I was more than a little confused was when I tired to force romance into the story line of The Elemental Series - Something that the story wouldn't allow for me to do.

Does Romance sell better.... does it make the story better?
In book two - Revelations

I spiced it up a bit - and believe it or not - I was given some of the ideas from my mother in law, sister in law and nieces.

I was a little leery about adding some of the scenes - but they turned out GREAT!
There wasn't a lot of description or terminology used to create the scenes.

I left a lot of it to the imagination of the reader.

For the next installment of the series - I chose to create a handbook. 
 In the handbook there is a novella about one of the characters from book two.  The scene in this book is a little more risky than in any of the other books.  What I really liked about the story was the fact that no where within the novella dies it give the gender of the character. 


My reasoning was clear to me - I believe in love for love's sake - I believe that it doesn't matter the gender of the person as much as the person themselves. 

Now - to introduce the two main male characters vying for the attention of the main female character - 

I do have to say that the next two installments in The Elemental Series will have a lot more action and Romance in them - I believe in growing the story line to include scenes and romance!

Not to stray from this thought - but - I am also writing a few adult books that have romance, sex and adult relationships from the beginning of the book - I think genre has a lot to do with when and how we introduce certain aspects in a story.  I was way more comfortable writing scenes in an adult book than in a YA book...What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!  I hope to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!

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Sunday, 15 February 2015


Very excited to announce the soon to be release of Keepers - it is a handbook for the series which has a new edgier story within it!!!!

I am having a release party with the fabulous Kelly Anne Blount - Hopefully on the 18th of this month!!!

Here is the link!

Hope to see you there!

There is going to be amazing prizes and some CRAZY surprises!!!!

Facebook release Party!!!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Crazy Corner : Meet Author Hally Willmott

My Crazy Corner : Meet Author Hally Willmott: Crazy excited to be participating in this years My Crazy Corners Blog Fest Needless to say - I do believe it should be calle...

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I just realized it's been CRAZY long since my last post!!!  BUT - this one promises to be worth it!
I am participating in a blog fest hosted by -  the amazing talented Apryl Baker - 

An amazing contest !!!! Check it out!!! Please share")

This is the International link for the same contest!!!!! Check it out!!!

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Ghost Files Volume 3 By Apryl Baker Summary from Goodreads: One, two, the ghosts are coming for you… Three, four, better salt your door… Five, six, death and hatred mix… Seven, eight, help will come too late… Nine, ten, never reap again… Seventeen year old, Mattie Hathaway, has enough on her plate without having to deal with the latest teenage ghost drama. The ghosts of eight murdered girls are out for her blood. They blame Mattie for their deaths. She has to figure out what happened to them before they make sure she ends up just like them…dead and angry. Not only that, but she has to face the greatest fear of her young life, the death of someone she loves. Can she let nature take its course or will she interfere and cause the balance of life and death to spiral out of control? She’s out of time, and doesn’t know if she should trust Silas, the demon who has taken a very disturbing interest in her or her father, a man just as evil as Silas. Either way, she has to make a choice. But what will it cost her and those she loves?
Coming June 10, 2014 From Limitless Publishing
The Ghost Files Series: Soon to be a major motion picture!!
Make sure to enter to win an electronic copy of The Ghost Files!
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My Crazy Corner: Meet Author Hally Willmott

My Crazy Corner: Meet Author Hally Willmott: When I first said I wanted to participate in this Romance blog  - My limited knowledge of Romance series had images of this flickering...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Elemental Series - Young Adult Paranormal - Romantic???

When I first said I wanted to participate in this Romance blog  -

My limited knowledge of Romance series had images of this flickering through my head -

I have to admit I was more than a little nervous - I'd never thought of my series as a "Romance" series...
Awakenings                                                                              Revelations

My immediate thoughts were...It's YA - It's science fiction - It's Fantasy -

But - wait a minute - oh ya....there is Romance....
From those feelings we've all had with our first love to ....              the feelings of - oh yeah it's complicated....
The Elemental Series has it all - When I first did a video for the two books which have been written so far in the series, I had my first taste of - "This is a story about a girl who has may firsts in her life and R.O.M.A.N.C.E - aka first love - first time the butterflies attack your stomach, first time you hands sweat so much you think there must be something seriously wrong with you - first time you realize - I like this person - then it hits you like a freight train - and your world seems to completely change. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I took off my science fiction fantasy goggles and realized that Jacey and Vincent have a love story that is inter-wound throughout "Awakenings".
I had a vision in my head of what both Vincent and Jacey looked like -

I was even more surprised when I realized there was more than one love story in Awakenings... Jacey's brother and her best friend Jen also find their Wirposh - true love -  in one another - 
 Needless to say, after looking through my new rose colored glasses I realized book one did have an amazing first love story.... 


Moving right along to book two ....  Revelations....

Initially, I was asked to 'sex ' it up before I began writing it.  Sex sells is what I was told.  I found myself in a little bit of a conundrum - The voices in my head were yelling at me - Absolutely NOT - My books are for the YA crowd - how am I supposed to get up in front of teens and talk about making good decisions and then promote my writing - were - there are scenes of fifty shades going on...  

Goes to show you I haven't written many 'romance' novels... I go from butterflies in the stomach to tying people up and licking.... well I'm sure you get the picture.
I spoke with a number of trusted friends and family members and asked them what they thought - and asked for 'direction'.  
I soon found out that there was a way to incorporate love, lust and romance scenes in YA work -
 I can't wait to hear the thoughts of everyone reading this....I am curious about what you think 'Romance' is...
Is it the first love story line?
Is it the I'm open to anything and everything?
Or is it a mix of both and when you find the right line somewhere in the middle - Magic happens:)

Friday, 28 February 2014

It's been a crazy exciting couple of weeks - 
The cover for my second novel Revelations was released on Friday the 22nd of February - and I LOVE it - your thoughts?

I've been trying to keep up with posting here - but it sometimes has to take a second seat to the other social media sites I've been keeping up to date - 
I did the book launch for "Revelations" at Marymount Academy - Once known as Marymount College - the highschool I went to - 
 It was AMAZING!!!  
We also broadcast it on "Live link "  through Ustream  - 
A new way (for me anyways) to use social media!
I think it was a hit")
I am excited to see where this journey goes - book one - "Awakenings" 

Is still getting AMAZING reviews!!!

I am excited to see where the book series goes and what the readers think of Jacey's developing story!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Second guessing yourself... I seem to be doing that a lot lately...

I am super nervous about book two...I thought after you released your first book it would be easier to release the ones after....WRONG.

After working through the initial phase of... WOW - I really did finish it - to - Holy FLIP - I L.O.V.E the cover... I am eagerly awaiting the release of book two....

Here is an interview I just did with CBC in regards to being a writer and a Police Officer -

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


13 January, 2014


Greater Sudbury – The second book in Hally Willmott’s Elemental Series is set to be released in February with the book cover reveal set for later this month.

Her first novel, ‘Awakenings’ is a young adult science fiction fantasy whose main character is a 16 year old on the run with her family from the mystical dimension of Nemele and soon discovers she possesses magical powers that can change the course of her life. 

The book can be purchased through Walmart , Chapters, Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Kobo.  As well as Bob's Husky, Duck Rock, Elm Street News, Garson Jem-Mart, Health Sciences North, Robinson Pharmasave (Garson), Pharmasave (North Bay), Smitty's Convenience, The Market Place and Wingate (North Bay).

“I urge anyone who has not yet read my first book to pick up a copy,” says Willmott.  “I have been very fortunate to work with Drolet Distribution who helped me get my book on the shelves at Walmart in Sudbury, North Bay and now Sault Ste. Marie as well as the other ten various locations.”

Willmott has been very busy promoting her novel and has been listed in the top 40 for a chance to have her book made into a movie through MARSocial Author-of-the-Year Competition, a unique contest being dubbed the X-Factor for authors.

As a School Resource Officer with the Greater Sudbury Police Service, Hally has had an opportunity to visit and work with youth at various local youth centres on confidence and self-esteem building and she hopes young people will not only read her book but be inspired by her story and gain the confidence to pursue their own aspirations.

“I am so grateful to my family, friends, the Greater Sudbury Police Service, the local schools and the community at large who have encouraged and supported me through this wonderful journey and I look forward to sharing the sequel with everyone,” states Willmott.

To Learn More:


Saturday, 21 December 2013

... Hard to believe it's been over a month since I posted a new blog...

There are some people in my life I now have to say were right....but - Shhhh... don't tell my :)husband:) he was right....I guess I have been crazy busy with everything going on.  

It's time for a quick catch up - so here goes:

Since November...

The biggest and most exciting news....I finished book  two and submitted it to my amazing publisher!!!!

I was surprised to see how nervous I was to submit book two.  I thought since Awakenings had been accepted and printed and liked by those who chose to comment on it, I'd be all gung ho about finishing and submitting book two...But I wasn't - I was apprehensive and second guessing myself.

It's submitted and I have to admit...I LOVE the second book as much as the first so I hope everyone who takes the time to read it when it is published feels the same way.

Now for some other GREAT news...
I learned on Friday - 20Dec2013

At all three of the test Walmarts here in Northern Ontario!!!
The amazing distributor here in Sudbury DROLET Distribution - has restocked the shelves in all three locations and I am actually...pretty speechless....

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pressure...Why do we put it on ourselves???

Wow it's been a while....

                 Life has been as usual... CRAZY busy!


I wanted to keep everyone up to date on what's going on ... or 

better yet I wanted to remind myself of what has been 

accomplished so far....Because I'm stressing on what I haven't 

done yet....

              Awakenings is now in Walmart!!!

I am excited and humbled by the support and the friendships I have made over the last year...From these I have been able to reach out and bring my story to more people than I ever imagined:) Thank you Drolet DISTRIBUTION:)

I met with a marketing expert - Justin - I haven't received his permission to use his info - yet - but what an inspiration and a wealth of information!

Limitless has taken Awakenings off of KOBO and Barnes and Noble and out it exclusively on -

A two day sprint of Free downloads - and - YEAH!!!!  Awakenings hit #2 For young adult science fiction fantasy paranormal downloads!!

Oh yeah.... and I returned to my job that pays the bills - policing!

Now for the pressure - Be it put upon myself by myself or... by others...

Are there any other people out there who stress once they finish one book and think "I have to rush to get the second out because people are going to forget about me and my book!"
Well, that would be me...

However, I have to thank all of my 'anchors'.

It's not about quantity... as my AWESOME publisher puts it....

It's about QUALITY....

I have let a couple of ghost readers read along as I am doing book two - With crossed fingers I waited to see what they thought of the story line -

They LOVED it....They said Jacey - my main character matured with my writing!  What a compliment...Now they keep asking for the rest of it.

I am currently 3-5 chapters short of finishing book two.

I feel - behind - most of the other writers at Limitless and some who were signed after me - already have book two out - I on the other hand want to rush it and get it out

- BUT - I want it to be good -NO wait a minute!!!  I want it to be GREAT!!! 

So for that reason - PLEASE bare with me - I am writing as fast and as good as I can - with everything else going on - Writing is a priority - but making sure it's good is even more of one:)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

C.R.A.Z.Y exciting week!!!!!!! Feeling VERY blessed!

This week has brought a whole bunch of new adventures in writing for me!

My amazing fantastic publisher Limitless Publishing has signed a deal with none other than ........
For my debut novel "Awakenings" to be sold in the two Wal Marts here in Sudbury Ontario and North Bay!!  If sales go well....who knows whats next!

As I am doing the Carlton during my excited phone conversation with the person who has let me know the deal has gone through....

I get an email from my publisher with even more crazy exciting

You can now get 'Awakenings' on.............................

Like I said C.R.A.Z.Y exciting week!!!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Another form of 'Awakenings'


My debut novel will soon be released in:

In Audio book form!!!!!

Also pleased to announce..............I have now seriously turned into my mother.....all the signs were there - all the warnings were present - it wasn't until my two sons told me I completely embarrassed them.........................


When I heard the news!!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Writer....Reader and Critique....

This post is about learning more about myself and my writing through the eyes of others.  

When I first began writing "Awakenings" it was initially titled something completely different.  As the 'writer' I believed it fit.  The original novel was 154,000 words... yes I like to write a lot....

Once I was taken on by Limitless 

and they read and re-read my work a new title came to life..."Awakenings".  

As I was writing I believed that my idea was the best one and if you would have asked me if I would have changed it prior to someone else re-titling it I would have said it never would have happened.

It  wasn't until I sat back and looked through the perspective of others that I truly saw how others views of my writing would be something I could work with... good and bad. 

 I recently received some critiques from people who have read my debut novel.. Some good....some bad.  At first I was a little put off by the negative ones.

But after speaking with a few friends... family and God, I realized that without the bad you'd never have the good.  People are people no matter how you look at it.  There are those who want to see you succeed whether they know you or not and then there are those who are just plain negative and really don't give a crap about others.
From some of the negative reviews I received, I actually went back and looked at few reviews I'd put up in a couple of social media places.  I changed some of the reviews.... It's okay to be honest, it's okay to be brutally's not okay to be mean.

When you have something you believe in enough to take the time to comment about, you should really think to yourself..."How would I feel if someone said this about me?"

Again, nothing wrong with bad reviews...we all learn from them...there is however something definitely wrong with mean, hurtful reviews.

Now, to the positive side....When I first was published I didn't realize how much the reviews of the readers who take the time to read my work would mean to me...

I've received a few reviews that I wanted to share here.  I also wanted to say to those of you who took the time to write them.....Thank you:) 

It's the reviews and the thoughts of the readers that I find now give me the ideas to correct, the passion to go on and the excitement to share my work!!!

Here are some of the reviews I received via personal message and email:)

I received permission to share  Michelle's views:)

  • Michelle McKellar
    So I got really busy at work and thats why its taken so long to get back to you. I am currently rereading "Awakening". I have so many favorite things about this book. I love how easily engrossed I get with it. I get completely lost in it. It flows so easily and the characters are so likeable. I love the way that Jacey thinks, I lvoe being able to know how she is feeling and what she is thinking. I love her and Hudson's relationship. I love the different kind of magic in this book. I picked it up and read it for the first time and I thought, this is new, this is something I haven't read before. ( I read a lot! and I get bored quickly with books) I love how everything just flows together. Its an easy read but its also very intricately woven together. I really could go on forever, I am just in love with this book and all the characters and I cant wait until the next book comes out!
  • Michelle McKellar
    As for my least favorite... there really isnt anything. There was something about the different dimensions that confused me a little bit, but when I get to that part in the book I will tell you and maybe you can explain it to me?? Thank you!! 

  • Josee   .....  (I didn't ask if it was okay to use her I cut it in places)
    Hey Hally,
    I just finished reading your book and it was AWESOME! I enjoyed every part! I can't stop ranting and raving about it to everyone and am getting others to read it  (but they aren't allowed my signed copy of course;) lol). I can't wait until the next one is ready. How's the second one coming along?
    thought I'd let you know that I absolutely LOVED the book it was amazing and a joy to read. You have a great way with words! Can't wait for the next.... you have me wondering so many things.... had to be a cliff hanger eh? 

    This one is from Jackie:  (I didn't get her permission to use her whole name or contact info)
    Jackie:  hi hally, 
    • I know we don't know each other, but I am halfway thru Awakenings right now, I hope to finish it by the end of the week. We have a friend in common who steered me towards your book. Our common friend totally knows what I'm into reading and your book has been a wonderful addition to my reading collection. I find that knowing you are a fellow Sudburian and a woman and an author is truly inspiring to me. I would love to be friends with you on FB so that I can keep track of any new stories you are publishing. I am a fan and would love to continue to be so. Again, many congrats on the book, it must have been very trying at times to get published. Know that you have a die hard fan in me, thanks for writing Awakenings. you are an inspiration.
      have a wonderful week.
      Me and my mornal self look forward to hearing from you. No rush. I know you are busy busy. i appreciate thee time you,re taking in reading my message.

    I asked for this review but didn't ask to use the reviewers name or contact info:

    This one is a little long... and I LOVE it!!! It is good, and thorough ... I have cut it in places...There are some spoilers for those of you who haven't read "Awakenings" yet...Heads up!
    I didn't ask if I could publish the full name of the reviewer so I have cut it as well....

    Overall the book was awesome. When we met with you I was very curious and somewhat confused with your brief description of the story. I could tell it was going to be a complicated plot which made all of us excited to read it. 
     The plot was very deep and unique. I am a speed reader so I don't necessarily read every word. There were some comments about the editing errors. Due to my style of reading I didn't catch as many. The errors frustrated me... I am concerned that these errors take away from the book in the sense that it loses credibility. In my opinion and based on the reaction from my girls this book would be a great addition to a senior level English class.
    Even in the brief time I had to meet with the girls it was obvious that the book provoked a lot of discussion and deep thinking. It was exciting to see the enthusiasm from the girls. They can’t wait to discuss it further with you at our fall Book Club meeting. 
    The last general thought I want to add about the book is about the cover. I am all about getting students to read and this comment is from both a personal and parental view. As a parent I would see the cover and think I wouldn't want my teen reading that. 
    Perhaps it is because of all the hype over other books of the “sexual” nature lately but I know there are so many good books to read that don’t dwell on sex. On a personal side and please don’t think that I am just an old conservative person,  it is just that we are all bombarded with sex in every form of media that frankly  I get tired of it. 
    So what about the cover really upsets me is that it poorly represents the plot of the story. This isn't even remotely what Jacey would look like or even be caught having her picture taken. We are trying to make our teens aware of the dangers of taking and posting provocative pictures of themselves. So this cover doesn't serve the story well at all. I am only making such a point of this because I am hoping that you share this with the company that you have signed with so that they take this into mind when designing the next cover. The girls were very adamant about this as well. They also wondered about the roses and wanted that to be tied into the story more-or did we miss something?
              Now here are more specifics opinions regarding the story.   My thoughts may be a bit scattered so I apologize in advance. These comments are not necessarily intended as negative it’s just thoughts that popped into my head as I read it. I may have over thought things since I knew I would be giving you a review. Also, by now you must have heard it was wonderful enough times that you are eager for some constructive feedback.
    At first I thought the death of the parents was presented a bit too lightly and therefore a little unbelievable. Yet I was glad that it wasn't overly dramatic since this would be a very sensitive issue for teens. So once the whole story came together I was appreciative of the balance you created. Perhaps if the parents came to Jacey earlier in a dream it would have made the mild feeling of loss more acceptable.
    We immediately liked Jacey’s character. She was very likable and we were able to relate to her. She would be considered an ‘invisible” type of student. One that tried to just blend in as she never quite fit. As the story unfolds we realize there are so many reasons besides moving a lot that creates these traits. That makes her even more likable  We picture her as a natural beauty but she would be totally unaware of it and very down to earth. She would be unaware of her beauty in a humble way and not lacking in self-confidence way.
              The concept of the portals was quite interesting and it was very creative that you made a private school to cover that the characters weren't going to the regular school. I had to wonder if the portal should have been somehow tied into them actually going into the building. Would others wonder why nobody went into the building? In the real world I think people would have noticed this. The naming of the school being a “St.” to me implies a reference to the ideology of Christianity particularly Catholicism  It didn't offend me but since this book theme challenges those beliefs I wondered what you were thinking with this choice. The book might have to deal with some controversy over this similar to when the Harry Potter’s books first came out. Controversy however, isn't necessarily a bad thing sometimes. The other idea that provoked me a bit was making the hot tempered nasty character, Chanary, to be a redhead-perhaps too stereotypical.
              I liked how you handled the relationship with Jen and Hudson. It was just the right level of attachment and respect particularly keeping Jacey’s feelings into consideration and the couple keeping their feelings publically appropriate. I also thought you handled Jacey’s reaction well-nice balance of anger, disappointment and then acceptance. We all loved the idea of being able to feel others emotions by a touch. That would be so much easier to deal with people having that immediate clarification. However, was Chanary able to hide her essence or intentions from Vincent or was he able to ignore them? Surely Chanary would have known that Vincent was not going responding to her but that helps to develop the plot nicely. We all agreed we think she is going to be a major factor in future books. We hope you develop her character even more.
    We had some questions about Jen and Hudson’s relationship in terms of timing? When did they start to date as she was at his awakening but it gets confusing based on their “real” ages?  I realize in order to fill in all of these details it would make the book three times the size-we would have been fine with that so you can understand that we are very anxious to read the future books.
    Vincent’s character is extremely likable as well. However, the whole blue eyes visions went on a little longer-we figured out this was Jacey’s special person and couldn't understand what the mystery was for her. Was she that naive for her age or is she actual that distracted by all the resent events or are we just so familiar with human attractions?  We would like this character to be developed more. We wonder how old he is in “real” years and how long has he know this special girl was meant for him. Why has he been chosen for her?
    We were shocked and delighted with the twist that Jacey had a cousin who wasn't really evil and this is the part that really catches the reader so they beg for more. The last two chapters seemed a little rushed and we would have liked for details to have been included. Perhaps a little more relationship with the characters from other realms would help to hook us even more. We are hoping that you develop or tie in the ideas and characters of the fairies, Greek and aboriginal mythology as well as the fairy tales. We are hoping that you don’t go into the vampire/ware wolf concept because that has been overdone in teen books.
    I know there are so many other things I want to mention or discuss with you and I’ll make a list for our book club meeting. I will probably also have a different perspective and even more questions as I am planning on reading the book again just before we meet.
    Your writing is so much fun to read and it is inspiration to see such a fresh story line. What a wonderful imagination you have-I truly appreciate this special gift you have been given.
    Thank you and I look forward to our meeting and discussion.
    Respectfully, Michele

    Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did:)